Super Clean Laundromat, Tulsa


4 Minute Laundry

2 Drop off – 2 Pickup

Does it Get any Better?

You Bet. We Pickup and Deliver.

How’s That.


Super Clean Laundromat, Tulsa Ok

Super Clean Laundromat, Tulsa Ok

Super Clean Laundromat is a family-owned and operated business dedicated to helping you look your professional best.  We have 15 years of experience in professional Laundry Services.  We offer wash and fold laundry service with free pickup and delivery.  You can drop off or stop in and do it yourself.  Our washers and dryers are American made  equipment that washes very clean and dries very fast.  You will be done with your laundry in a Hour.


6555 E 71st, Tulsa Ok  741133


Monday 7 AM-8 PM

Sunday 6 AM – 8 PM


Attendant on Duty,

Air Conditioning


Flat Screen TV

ATM, Soda

Snacks Vending Machines

On-Site Self Service


Washers  and Dryers

<B>Drop Off Laundry Prices</B>

Drop Off Laundry Prices


Basic Services


Steam Pressing

Always done Right. World Class.
Ralph Oct 2019

Save Time….Saves Time.
Beth Sept 2019

My uniforms are starched, ironed and ready to go all the time, on time.
Nurse June 2020

Special Items


Down comforter, Queen Full comforter, Twin comforter, Blankets, Rugs,Pillows, Dog Beds

<H2><B>Special Items</B></H2>

Super Clean Laundromat, Tulsa OK

4 Minute Laundry

2 Minute dropoff -2 Minute pickup

The 4 Minute Laundry

<H2><Strong>The 4 Minute Laundry</H2>

Laundry Pickup

Add One Day advance Notice for Laundry Pickup…Thank you.